Jaalakam, an International Malayalam Publication for the people of Kerala, India, published from the USA since 1998.


Jaalakam.com is using Font Embedding Technology to display its Malayalam unicode text perfectly in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You can download the latest versions of these browsers, by clicking on the links above. Then, upgrade your current version to the new version of Explorer / Firefox.

IF THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU or if you are using Google Chrome, please get a unicode font (Anjali Old Lipi preferred.) installed on your computer to read Malayalam content on Jaalakam. Here is a step-by-step guide to download and install a font.

1. CLICK HERE to download the Malayalam unicode font Anjali Old Lipi* and save it at your computer’s My Documents or another folder.

2. Go to the Fonts folder: My Computer> C> Windows> Fonts

3. Then to add font, go to: File> Install New Font. Then show the path of the Anjali Old Lipi, that you downloaded earlier to My Documents or the folder of your choice.


4. Start Internet Explorer

5. Go to: Tools> Internet Options> Fonts> Select Malayalam in Language Script> Select Anjali Old Lipi in Webpage Font

6. Click OK and OK.


4. Start Mozilla Firefox

5. Go to: Tools> Options> Content> Select Anjali Old Lipi in Fonts & Colors

6. Click OK


4. Start Google Chrome

5. Click the spanner image at the right top corner and go to Options> Under The Hood. Then scroll down to Web Content and click Change Font And Language Settings. Select Anjali Old Lipi in Fonts and UTF-8 in Encoding.

6. Click OK, Click Close.

7. Now you can read the Malayalam script on JAALAKAM.


Unfortunately, the current version of Anjali Old Lipi does not work in Apple Safari. However, RachanaMac Font developed by Manoj Prabhakaran & Vinod Prabhakaran can help you in reading Malayalam. Please GO HERE for more information.